söndag 25 september 2011

I'm still here

I work and I study so there isn't much time for knitting, but as I'm a knit-addict I have to knit every now and then. When I turned fifty-four last month one of my daughters gave me some lovely yarn from Astrids in Jönköping and the other one gave me two wonderful books by Ysolda.
I made this shawl with Noro's Kureyon Sock Yarn. The pattern is Summer flies by Holly and Ella knits.
I've also knitted a cozy for my new phone. It should look like an owl, in case you don't see it!
The pattern is Who? iPod Cozy by Kayleen Grage.

söndag 7 augusti 2011

Recollections of summer 2011

There was a great knitting assembly in Önnestad in July which I attended. We had some wonderful days with classes, lectures, an outing and a yarn fair. The first class I took was knitting jogless stripes in the round. Our very talented teacher was Maria Gustafsson. Some of the methods were really easy. I knitted a wooly hat.I have no pictures from my next class; knitting Charlotte Tøndering's favourite patterns. She was a wonderful lady from Århus, where she has a shop, and she brought some special Japanese yarn.

After the intensive day with Charlotte ,I was so tired that I relaxed during my sock knitting class. You should have preknitted some legs beforehand so you were able to try out a couple of different heels and toes, but I had just halfnitted one leg so I knitted at a very slow pace. Barbro Lindholm, our teacher, knew a great deal about knitting socks and stockings in the old days.

My finished socks in Regia Silk.

My last class was how to embroider on knitting. Not easy at all! But oh, so beautiful, if you are skilled. Inger Ohlsson also has classes where you learn how to make the old night sweater, "spedetröja", from Skåne.

The last day of July I went to Rügen with Leif. We had some wonderful days including visiting historical sites; Prora and Stralsund, visiting Königstuhl in Jasmund National Park, visting beaches, reading books and knitting of course.I bought a book in Sassnitz. Suitable for me I think. We'll see if I can figure out the German knitting terms.

In Stralsund I bought this adorable red pen with white dots.

I finally finished a top that I have been knitting on since April I guess. I've made every error in the book and the armholes look terrible so you can't see them. I will not try to change them because I don't want to spend more time on this piece! I love the pattern though and the yarn Egypto Cotton.

I've also bought another lovely yarn, ella rae, which I bought one skein of and made a very litte shawl from a Drops pattern.

Then I have spent time with my four grandchildren, but as I'm not such a good photographer you'll have to watch their mothers' blogs. They're all so special and everyday I remember something about them, what they've said and done and how they look and I keep it in my heart for winter...

torsdag 14 juli 2011

Summer Blossom

At last I found myself sitting behind the sewing machine, or is it in front of the sewing machine? I have had the intention since June but nothing has happened until now. Some years ago one of my friends, who have daughters in England, introduced me to the world of Cath Kidston. I love floral patterns, so I was interested to know more about her and when her book "Sew" was realeased in Sweden I bought it. Included in the book was a piece of the fabric " Summer Blossom", cut out for you. You just had to follow the instructions and make a bag

There was also a label included in the kit.( I'm not sure that Cath Kidston would approve of my second rate bag, but I put the label there anyway :)) There was no way I would even consider to hand-stitch the buttonholes on the handles, so I excluded buttonholes and just put the buttons on the handles as fasteners. Here is a nicer version of the bag.I have also visited this shop in my neighbourhood and I bought a pencil case.

måndag 11 juli 2011

...but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat

I was a great fan of Peter, Paul and Mary when I was quite young and the lines from "Lemon Tree" has stuck in my mind and I sing it now and then. Like so many others I have knitted the shawlette Citron. Some knitters have found it boring and others have found it relaxing. I loved knitting it and I do love Malabrigo lace! The shawlette is a bit small so my next Citron will be bigger. As I'm never entirely satisfied with what I do, it's hard to knit for others, but for a very good cause you have to try. The babies in the Panzi hospital in Kongo need hats and blankets. Read more about it here. My daughter guided me through her pattern.

This is my hometown. Great, isn't it?

And this is what I do every now and then. I enjoy a Cappuccino.

söndag 26 juni 2011

Sunshine Top

Sunshine Top is a suitable name for this top today but I'm not sure that it looks good on me. The designer is Marleen van der Vorst and I have already knitted one of her designs, the Kaleidoscope Vest. I like the fashion to knit everything into one piece starting from the top. The pattern appeared in Knit issue 37. I bought the yarn at Broderi & Garn in Göteborg and it's a hand dyed cotton yarn by the artist Mia Persson. Green? Me?

lördag 18 juni 2011


I've been married for 35 years on June the 19th. My dear husband and I were married on the same day as king Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia of Sweden. Last year our crown princess Victoria and her prince Daniel shared the same date for their wedding. I feel quite royal! My husband is the best husband ever; kind-hearted, creative and clever.

Do I knit nowadays? Yes, a little, but it will be more because my summer holidays just started! Yeah!

söndag 29 maj 2011

Mother's Day

I'm so rich. I have a wonderful family. For Mother's Day I've got phone calls, parcels, a letter with drawings of small hands, a musical greeting and a drawing of a Supergranny painted on the net. This lovely new outfit has my youngest daughter knitted for me. I had no clue what she was up to, so it was a WOW-feeling when I opened the parcel this morning.

From my husband I got a Duo herb pot for my rosemary and basil and two thermo cups.

I ordered this bag from my daughter some weeks ago. The fabric is from Åhlens.

söndag 1 maj 2011

I should have worn sunglasses

I'm not sad, but the sun is "bothering" me here. My new and lacy shoulderette is made of a lovely lacy yarn - Manos Lace. The pattern is from Madebyme in Halmstad. This is how it looked first when I had finished it. Too wide at the top so I just crocheted around the necklineMemories of a lovely Easter with all my loved ones, but I'm afraid Grandma is the worst photographer ever!

måndag 25 april 2011

In Springtime

What a beautiful Easter we've had! I have spent the holiday with my husband, four grandchildren and their families. We've eaten the most delicious food, some of us have knitted and crocheted and we've been outdoors most of the time.
Before Easter I sewed a skirt. I used a pattern from Svenska Mönster and I bought the fabric, which is a Anna Huhta design "Mukava" from Finlayson, when I was in Helsinki four years ago.

onsdag 20 april 2011

Easter Holiday

Yesterday I spent a big part of the day among friends in a countryside house. We ate, knitted, chatted and were given advice on knitting and sewing matters. Our lovely host had baked the most delicious bread with nuts and fruits in it. Yum! She also helped me to take photos of my new Kaleidoscope vest. I've used Schachenmayr's Cotton Bamboo.

Wrong season? Yes - some projects take their time. Here is my Stripes to keep me warm. The neck is too long for my taste and it feels huge around my shoulders, but when I look carefully on the original pattern I can see that it's not a slim fit there either. I was inspired by Ilsefin to make this cowl.
Christmas? No - but very red. When I saw the Stockholm Scarf at Knitted Bliss, I knew I had to make it at once, so I just whipped up some old Fritidsgarn from my stash and started. I love the pattern with it's cable-like stitches.
A balloon helped me with blocking this Whale Watch Hat from the book "New England knits". I made the hat with leftover yarn from weaving and from making long-pile rugs, so it's rather stiff and coarse.
The subject is a bit blurred because I'm not at all good at stranded colourwork patterns. Sometimes the floats are too tight and sometimes they're too loose.

söndag 3 april 2011

Ribbed Cowl

The winter-issue of Knit Simple contained five cowls and I wanted to make them all at once. But time is scarce these days so I've just managed to knit one of them. I used Step 6, a sock-yarn. This design is so simple and usable. I've also knitted a pair of wristwarmers in a marvellous yarn, Andes, from Debbie Bliss. It's made of silk and baby-alpaca. Nina Sagulin has made the design.
I have two daughters. One of them has a blog about knitting, crocheting, sewing and much more
and the other one has a blog about living in the countryside and cooking. I'm not very good at cooking but I want to be and yesterday my husband and I cooked a tomato soup from the Buffé magazine. It tasted wonderful with crispbread and Präst from Arla Foods, left to ripen for 14 months (my husband works with cheese development). I felt so good and we took a photogragh. Then it happened!! When we stored away the leftovers the lid fell off the plastic container and there was tomato soup all over the kitchen. It took an hour at least to clean up the mess. I'll never be a master chef.

söndag 13 mars 2011

Another beret

I knitted another beret. It's turquoise-blue. I used a pattern from the book "Sticka mössor, vantar, sockor!". I'm not very good at guessing, so I had some problems when I should decrease 12 stitches every third row and not ruin the pattern. I tried to solve it as well as I could. Today, when I read the pattern again, I saw that it said in the introduction that the raised pattern would help you not to notice the decreases....

lördag 5 mars 2011

Bryophyta Cowl

I love the colours even though they're not red or blue. I love the alpaca-yarn and this issue of Knitscene from where I've taken the pattern.