lördag 27 juni 2009

Lady Sweater

Stickade i storlek XS (har M annars) och den är nästan ändå för stor! Härligt att slippa sy ihop den!
I’m quite satisfied to have finished this project. Nice to have no seams to make! I knitted it in X small( I’m a medium size normally) and it is almost too big….
Yarn: DROPS alpaca. Pattern by Pamela Wynne.

onsdag 24 juni 2009


Muddar i rosa (ser lite beiga ut på bild) babycashmerino, mönster av Nina Sagulin.
I missed two rows in the pattern, but I still think it looks quite good.
I quote my husband when he took the photograph:
“You’ve made many nice things, but these were TOO MUCH!”
I was given the yarn and the pattern at a knitting camp, and I would never have chosen the pink colour otherwise.

torsdag 18 juni 2009

Crosswise Little Cardigan

Stickad kofta i mönster och garn från Färgkraft - gillar färgen.
My second crosswise knitting. I didn’t take notes during the knitting as I should have done, so the two parts had become more identical than they did. But I like the colour though.

söndag 14 juni 2009

Crocheted Shawl

Jag har virkat en enkel sjal av garn från en rea-låda.
I’ve crocheted a simple cotton-shawl from yarn that I found at a sale recently. It was easy to make and I needed that now while I’m studying, and have to concentrate on many things at the same time. I quite like it!

onsdag 10 juni 2009

Dragon Skin Scarf

Roligt och enkelt mönster.
Nice and simple pattern by Alisa Daily.
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden

söndag 7 juni 2009

Wrist Warmers

Enkla muddar - perfekta att ha med till stickcafét :)
Maken har fotograferat.
My friend Kickie made these and she told me the pattern orally. The pattern originates from the yarn shop Helylle in Kristianstad.
The last four rows are so hard to do with all the stitches on the dpn:s, but the rest is wonderful to do. You can talk a lot while doing them - the perfect café-knitting :-)

fredag 5 juni 2009


Stickad sjal i Malabrigo Lace.
Exciting knit with the lovely yarn Malabrigo Lace, but one skein wasn’t enough and I couldn’t get hold of any in Sweden, so I finished it with a corner of another colour……
Pattern by Kate Gilbert.

onsdag 3 juni 2009

Knitting bag

Rolig väska att sticka - lite svårare att montera!
Quick and fun to knit. A bit harder to get the lining to look nice and get hold of handles.
Pattern: Knitting Bag by Denise Bliss
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Eskimo

måndag 1 juni 2009

Ballerina Slippers

Tovade ballerina-tofflor till mitt barnbarn.
I made these for my grand-daughter.
Easy quick and fun to make. But I made two left slippers, and when I tried to unravel one strap I almost destroyed the slipper, so I sewed the straps to the slippers before felting and have no buttons.
Pattern: "En pointe-tossut" by Ilu
Yarn: Sandnes Garn Tove