måndag 25 april 2011

In Springtime

What a beautiful Easter we've had! I have spent the holiday with my husband, four grandchildren and their families. We've eaten the most delicious food, some of us have knitted and crocheted and we've been outdoors most of the time.
Before Easter I sewed a skirt. I used a pattern from Svenska Mönster and I bought the fabric, which is a Anna Huhta design "Mukava" from Finlayson, when I was in Helsinki four years ago.

onsdag 20 april 2011

Easter Holiday

Yesterday I spent a big part of the day among friends in a countryside house. We ate, knitted, chatted and were given advice on knitting and sewing matters. Our lovely host had baked the most delicious bread with nuts and fruits in it. Yum! She also helped me to take photos of my new Kaleidoscope vest. I've used Schachenmayr's Cotton Bamboo.

Wrong season? Yes - some projects take their time. Here is my Stripes to keep me warm. The neck is too long for my taste and it feels huge around my shoulders, but when I look carefully on the original pattern I can see that it's not a slim fit there either. I was inspired by Ilsefin to make this cowl.
Christmas? No - but very red. When I saw the Stockholm Scarf at Knitted Bliss, I knew I had to make it at once, so I just whipped up some old Fritidsgarn from my stash and started. I love the pattern with it's cable-like stitches.
A balloon helped me with blocking this Whale Watch Hat from the book "New England knits". I made the hat with leftover yarn from weaving and from making long-pile rugs, so it's rather stiff and coarse.
The subject is a bit blurred because I'm not at all good at stranded colourwork patterns. Sometimes the floats are too tight and sometimes they're too loose.

söndag 3 april 2011

Ribbed Cowl

The winter-issue of Knit Simple contained five cowls and I wanted to make them all at once. But time is scarce these days so I've just managed to knit one of them. I used Step 6, a sock-yarn. This design is so simple and usable. I've also knitted a pair of wristwarmers in a marvellous yarn, Andes, from Debbie Bliss. It's made of silk and baby-alpaca. Nina Sagulin has made the design.
I have two daughters. One of them has a blog about knitting, crocheting, sewing and much more
and the other one has a blog about living in the countryside and cooking. I'm not very good at cooking but I want to be and yesterday my husband and I cooked a tomato soup from the Buffé magazine. It tasted wonderful with crispbread and Präst from Arla Foods, left to ripen for 14 months (my husband works with cheese development). I felt so good and we took a photogragh. Then it happened!! When we stored away the leftovers the lid fell off the plastic container and there was tomato soup all over the kitchen. It took an hour at least to clean up the mess. I'll never be a master chef.