tisdag 7 september 2010

No time for coffee breaks

I´ve spent the weekend in Lidköping. Hundreds of quilters met there at the Quiltköping event, and there were a few knitters too. We were very busy and there was hardly any time for coffee, but I had lunch with my two travel companions and room mates at Café Rörstrand. We were served a lovely homemade bread. At first I tried to learn how to knit entrelac. Our teacher was Nina Sagulin from Nysta.
Next I learned how to make nice edgings in crochet. Our teacher was Linda Berglund from Deisy design.

They don't look so nice here, but on some garments I'm sure they'll look fine.

At last I tried to sew a Margo Handbag from the Lazy Girl design. It was hard and I had a little help from the friends in my class. Our teacher, Eva Andersson, was excellent, but she didn't stop for coffee. Phew...!

It's not my colours. I bought the fabric in a hurry from another excellent person, Veronica.