söndag 25 juli 2010

Autumn leaves? No way!

It's still summer and I've spent time with my four grandchildren and their parents. They all love the sea and bathe until they're shivering. And no, I'm not fond of camping life as my friends know very well.
The caravan belongs to my eldest daughter and her family. It's nice to have a meal there with my beloved family on a sunny day, but to sleep and cook in it, that's not for me. I've tried twice so I know!
There's not much time for knitting when the children are around, but my youngest daugter and I sneaked off to a café early in the morning for some breakfast and knitting.

She was knitting a shawl of her own design.

I tried to knit a wrist warmer, but I couldn't knit the very simple pattern so I had to frog it when I got home.

I've made my version of the Panda Silk DK Fan Shawl .

I've knit it in Zauberball sock yarn, and when I blocked it I had forgotten that the modules should have a rounded form, not a pointed......
I'll see if I let it stay pointed or if I block it again. The shawl reminds me of autumn, but I hope that there will be at least two months before we are there!

tisdag 13 juli 2010

Hey it's good to be back home again!

Look at this gloomy woman. Yes, she´s got fever and should be in bed, but she´s on her way to Norway and despite the heat she is wrapped in a Centipede scarf designed by Malin Flodin and the yarn is from Garnpaletten. Skeikampen was a good, quiet and beautiful place to recover in and after a day in bed I was out and about again.
I was afraid I should meet a bear but the only animals I came across were cows and sheep. Sometimes they came too close to my liking.

Here's the man who went on a walking tour in the mountains. This is what he looks like after seven hours of walking. Tired and pleased.

There was so much to see and photograph on our way down to the Geiranger fjord.

Time for a cappuccino in Lillehammer, wearing my new net-shawl.

We were met by a tremendous heat when we came back to Falkenberg, so I certainly don't need to put something warm around my shoulders but I want to show you........

.........a shawl in cotton. It should have been crocheted in mohair yarn and looks gorgeous in the book Sköna sjalar by Lena Blidell. My result is not so good and the shape is ugly.

........a shawl in wool, Heavens hand. Wow, that yarn is fabulous and the blue colour is so extremely beautiful! I'm rather pleased with the result. Anna's Shoulder Warmer will always remind me of Geiranger and mountains covered with snow.

lördag 10 juli 2010

Can't stop knitting and crocheting

I never need days off from knitting and crocheting. On our way to Norway I came down with fever and wasn't able to produce as much as I would have liked. I got well and finished crocheting my net-shawl. The yarn was a present from Carin. When I sat on the bench crocheting a man with two small sons were passing by and he said to his boys: - Now the Yes-bench has turned into the Knitting-bench!
Cute! He is excused that he didn't see that I was CROCHETING. I have already worn the shawl when visiting Lillehammer.

We drove a whole day to see the beautiful Geiranger and it was worth the while. I finished Anna's Shoulder Warmer.

When your husband stops at every corner to take pictures it's good to have a hobby!