lördag 11 augusti 2012

Spring morning in the summer

I was so inspired by some twin sisters to knit the vest Vormorgun.

This is my Ravellenics 2012 project Bellis. I have not yet been clever enough to understand how to get a medal on Ravelry.

 I have lent my name to the Britta Hat (it's my second name). I reversed the colours by mistake and that's why I have black flowers.

 I hope my friend will start her craft courses soon, because I really need to improve my sewing skills. This is The Reversible bag, with too much fabric in the rounded corners.

  Here are two Zippered Pouches and despite an excellent tutorial and a zipper presser foot I didn't get it. At the right is a book cover for paperbacks, but mine turned out to be too small for that.

 I persuaded my husband to visit this wonderful place and I bought yarn kits for two projects!