söndag 29 augusti 2010

British socks and birthdays

I was given some Regia Nation Sock Yarn in a swap in the spring by Camilla. Britain is one of my favourite countries and now I have a pair of socks in the British colours.

My birthday is in August and so are the birthdays of two of my grandchildren. Here is the other August girl.

I got some goodies. Vickevira yarn bought from Elses bod from my daughter and she had also crocheted a wonderful red bag to me.

tisdag 10 augusti 2010

Lavender or bluebells

I will just let you know that my husband likes this sleeveless top. The pattern is from the Danish magazine Hendes verden. I don't wear sleeveless garments very often so I'll be wearing a T-shirt under. I love the blue colour, but I can't decide which shade of blue it is.

lördag 7 augusti 2010

I shrug my shoulders

When I asked my husband if he could take a picture of my shrug, he laughed and said that he could do it when I had finished knitting it, and when I see the pictures I can understand why. Have a good laugh! I'm not very good at lace knitting. When finishing a row I usually end up with either more or less stitches than there should be, so when the magazine Yarn Forward offered a masterclass and suggested this as a beginner-item, I had to try. I'm not sure I've succeded though. The pattern looks strange.

söndag 1 augusti 2010

The wee bag and other things that happened this week

I've baked again - cupcakes with pomegranates from a book by Mia Örhn. It's filled with classical recipes with a new touch.
Österlen is a lovely area in Sweden and we stayed there two days. Inspired by some twin sisters, we went to Brösarp's gästgiveri and ate Äggakaka, a national dish from Skåne. It's a really thick oven pancake with pork and lingonberries.
For some weeks I've been knitting on a lovely blue bag which I was going to felt. Last night I finished the knitting and was going to put it in the washing machine when I remembered this huge bag that I made over a year ago with old plant dyed wool yarn. I had used a pattern from a magazine and it should be a lovely little yarn basket. I put it in the washing machine and it didn't felt, I put it in again and it didn't felt. Then I boiled it - it didn't felt. End of story. I can only use that sack for gathering leaves in the autumn.

So the blue bag (which was really huge before felting) went into the washing machine in 60 degrees Celsius (otherwise I always start on 40 degrees) and out came a wee bag. I was SO disappointed..... Let's see, what I can use it for? Maybe for my laptop, it's a wee one too.

I like the colours though, but the purple yarn totally disappeared.