söndag 7 augusti 2011

Recollections of summer 2011

There was a great knitting assembly in Önnestad in July which I attended. We had some wonderful days with classes, lectures, an outing and a yarn fair. The first class I took was knitting jogless stripes in the round. Our very talented teacher was Maria Gustafsson. Some of the methods were really easy. I knitted a wooly hat.I have no pictures from my next class; knitting Charlotte Tøndering's favourite patterns. She was a wonderful lady from Århus, where she has a shop, and she brought some special Japanese yarn.

After the intensive day with Charlotte ,I was so tired that I relaxed during my sock knitting class. You should have preknitted some legs beforehand so you were able to try out a couple of different heels and toes, but I had just halfnitted one leg so I knitted at a very slow pace. Barbro Lindholm, our teacher, knew a great deal about knitting socks and stockings in the old days.

My finished socks in Regia Silk.

My last class was how to embroider on knitting. Not easy at all! But oh, so beautiful, if you are skilled. Inger Ohlsson also has classes where you learn how to make the old night sweater, "spedetröja", from Skåne.

The last day of July I went to Rügen with Leif. We had some wonderful days including visiting historical sites; Prora and Stralsund, visiting Königstuhl in Jasmund National Park, visting beaches, reading books and knitting of course.I bought a book in Sassnitz. Suitable for me I think. We'll see if I can figure out the German knitting terms.

In Stralsund I bought this adorable red pen with white dots.

I finally finished a top that I have been knitting on since April I guess. I've made every error in the book and the armholes look terrible so you can't see them. I will not try to change them because I don't want to spend more time on this piece! I love the pattern though and the yarn Egypto Cotton.

I've also bought another lovely yarn, ella rae, which I bought one skein of and made a very litte shawl from a Drops pattern.

Then I have spent time with my four grandchildren, but as I'm not such a good photographer you'll have to watch their mothers' blogs. They're all so special and everyday I remember something about them, what they've said and done and how they look and I keep it in my heart for winter...