söndag 30 maj 2010

Lycky me!

I was so lucky in the Mixa & Matcha 4 swap to get Camilla from Örebro as my exchange buddy. She sent me a wonderful package full of goodies and she'd given it a lot of thought. There was a note-book and I love notebooks. This one is so summery- my favourite season. There was blue Faerytale-yarn to crochet a love-knot shawl. Blue is one of my favourite colours and I want to understand crochet-patterns better. Then you can see a ball of Regia sock-yarn in the British colours and I love Great Britain and English. Red is also my favourite colour and there were two light red skeins. They can be knit into a nice shawl. I was in great need of stitch markers and here they were - two blue little angels made by Ulrica Rymal. There was also some yummy chocolate and cardemom coffee. And Camilla - my husband loves knitted and chrocheted dish-cloths, so thank you! It was all spot-on!
It is Mother's day and Grandma's Day today and I suggested something to my daughter and here it is - my hexagon-bag.
There was a third package this weekend. I ordered something from Stickfrossa's new webshop. I liked the pattern on the fabric so much. I think it was a Kaffe Fassett fabric.

Last night I enjoyed some Swedish strawberries and a cup of coffee on my new front porch.

Vilken helg! Jag har fått tre paket. Ett av min bytes-kompis i Mixa & Matcha; Camilla i Örebro. Hon hade tänkt ut fantastiskt fina saker. Sen fick jag en hexagon-väska av min dotter i Mors Dags-present. Så hade jag själv beställt ett stick-fodral i Kaffe Fassett-tyg från Stickfrossas nya web-shop. Sist men inte minst så har jag smakat skånska jordgubbar sittandes på min nya lilla uteplats på framsidan.

fredag 21 maj 2010

Old stuff

I've seen granny squares here and there lately so I guess they are in fashion right now. Here's a dress and a cardigan I made some years ago. The sweater-pattern was in a Knit Simple magazine and the dress in a Sandnes pamphlet.

Jag har sett mormorsrytor här och där på stick-cafén och bloggar, så jag gissar att det är en inne-grej just nu. Jag ville bara visa en kofta och en klänning som jag virkade för några år sedan. Koftmönstret kommer från Knit Simple och klänningsmönstret från ett av Sandnes häften.

söndag 9 maj 2010

A new lawn and some soft flowers

The lawn you see in the background is actually rolled out by my husband some days ago. I'm so old that it feels really strange to get a lawn that way. My husband works in Denmark now and then and when he does he buys me the magazine Hendes Verden which contains a great deal of crafts. Sometimes it even includes a pamphlet with a theme - like summerknits or vintageknits. This is a waistcoat with the name Bløde Blomster ( Soft flowers) from the summerknits-pamphlet, issue 14, this spring. I've not used the proper yarn. The armholes are huge. The stems on the back should not have been the same size, but it was a crocheting-test and I like to try out new things.

Mannen har rullat ut gräsmattan med gröna sidan upp. Otroligt i min värld. Ibland jobbar mannen i Danmark och då köper han alltid tidningen Hendes verden till mig. Den innehåller en hel del handarbete och ibland finns det också med små tematiska häften om t.ex. sommarstickning eller vintagestickning. Ur nummer 14 har jag virkat en väst med namnet Bløde blomster. Den är virkad i fel garn. Den har jättestora ärmhål. Stjälkarna på baksidan skulle var olika långa. Fel, fel, fel - men det var ett virk-test och jag gillar att testa nya saker.