söndag 26 juni 2011

Sunshine Top

Sunshine Top is a suitable name for this top today but I'm not sure that it looks good on me. The designer is Marleen van der Vorst and I have already knitted one of her designs, the Kaleidoscope Vest. I like the fashion to knit everything into one piece starting from the top. The pattern appeared in Knit issue 37. I bought the yarn at Broderi & Garn in Göteborg and it's a hand dyed cotton yarn by the artist Mia Persson. Green? Me?

lördag 18 juni 2011


I've been married for 35 years on June the 19th. My dear husband and I were married on the same day as king Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia of Sweden. Last year our crown princess Victoria and her prince Daniel shared the same date for their wedding. I feel quite royal! My husband is the best husband ever; kind-hearted, creative and clever.

Do I knit nowadays? Yes, a little, but it will be more because my summer holidays just started! Yeah!