måndag 11 juli 2011

...but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat

I was a great fan of Peter, Paul and Mary when I was quite young and the lines from "Lemon Tree" has stuck in my mind and I sing it now and then. Like so many others I have knitted the shawlette Citron. Some knitters have found it boring and others have found it relaxing. I loved knitting it and I do love Malabrigo lace! The shawlette is a bit small so my next Citron will be bigger. As I'm never entirely satisfied with what I do, it's hard to knit for others, but for a very good cause you have to try. The babies in the Panzi hospital in Kongo need hats and blankets. Read more about it here. My daughter guided me through her pattern.

This is my hometown. Great, isn't it?

And this is what I do every now and then. I enjoy a Cappuccino.

4 kommentarer:

frisky frog sa...

Din Citron blev hur fin som helst! Gillar färgen.
Härliga sommarbilder!

Ansibecki sa...

Sjalen blev fin! Härliga Falkenbergsbilder! kram

Fagermyrskan sa...

Vilka härliga sommarbilder du har lagt in på dig själv!! Falkenberg verkar vara ett paradis! :o)
Citron sjalen är ju urläcker, du har sånt tålamod.

hawknitr13 sa...

your citron is wonderful!! i've never made one. how lucky to be so close to a beach/water!!! and you're a coffee-addict like me! love it!