tisdag 30 oktober 2012


I have made three new tams - "December Lights Tam" from an old Interweave Knits Holiday, "Seven-Point Star Tam" from Colourwork Creations, "Mist" a design by Kim Hargreaves from A Yorkshire Fable. Am I an addict?
I have also attended a wonderful knitting-event!

lördag 11 augusti 2012

Spring morning in the summer

I was so inspired by some twin sisters to knit the vest Vormorgun.

This is my Ravellenics 2012 project Bellis. I have not yet been clever enough to understand how to get a medal on Ravelry.

 I have lent my name to the Britta Hat (it's my second name). I reversed the colours by mistake and that's why I have black flowers.

 I hope my friend will start her craft courses soon, because I really need to improve my sewing skills. This is The Reversible bag, with too much fabric in the rounded corners.

  Here are two Zippered Pouches and despite an excellent tutorial and a zipper presser foot I didn't get it. At the right is a book cover for paperbacks, but mine turned out to be too small for that.

 I persuaded my husband to visit this wonderful place and I bought yarn kits for two projects!

torsdag 26 juli 2012

The 26th of July - a special day

Every summer I like to sew something and this year I have made myself a skirt. I had some trouble with my sewing machine and thought that I had to give up, but close to midnight I could finish the skirt.

I really like the fabric which I bought at a shop in Olskroken, Göteborg.

I knitted socks when we were in Berlin,
I have knitted a Citron in Kauni yarn. I don't like the colour and would like to give it away. Do you know anyone who would be interested?

Lennart Mauritzson 1907-07-26

Today I would like to celebrate my grandfather on my mother's side. If he had lived he would have been 105 years old today. He started his life as the seventh child in the family and when he was 5 days old his father went to America and never came back. His family was very poor and he and his siblings had to help out. On the picture he's working at the brickworks where he worked every other day as a young boy. The other days he went to school.

He was christened Leonard, but was always called Lennart. His mother wanted him to be named Lennart, but as another rich family had two sons named Torsten and Lennart and my grandfather had a brother called Torsten the vicar didn't think it was proper to have the same names as the rich boys and proposed that my grandfather's name should be Leonard.

Lennart and my grandmother Greta lived in Kinna, but when summer came they took their bikes and rode to Varberg.

Eventually they bought a very small hut and often the big extended family came along and they put the furniture outside so they could all sleep inside. Later on they bought a bigger house on Södra Näs, Varberg.

I was born when Lennart was 50 years and 23 days old. The family has always had many birthdays during the summer and we have always celebrated in the summer house in Varberg, often on Lennart's birthday. I can never remember any rain on the 26th of July.

My grandfather never had a great graduation from school, he always worked, mostly in the textile industry with weaving and dying fabrics. Here he's trying on my hat in 1976.

I miss him so much, and as my other grandfather died when I was only 6 years old, Lennart is the grandfather I remember best and he was the most kind, cheerful and good-humoured man you could ever imagine and I have so many happy memories from our life together. He lived until he was 86 years old.

Happy Birthday!

tisdag 26 juni 2012

My Version of Fritt etter Fana

Posing with my youngest grandson.
This is the most time consuming project you can imagine. First of all you need to know how to knit a pattern with two colours, then you must be skilled at embroidering. I'm neither.
I'm satisfied that I finished the project. My stitches are not even and the mille fleur flowers look withered. I learned how to sew chain stitches in third grade and they have not improved since.

tisdag 19 juni 2012

Summer at last!

I have never wanted summer more badly than now. It’s been a hard year while I have juggled work and studies all around the clock and tried to put in a little knitting here and there.

 I have been knitting on the seventh floor with a great sea view. You can see that my colour knitting is not what it should be. Maybe I can block it very heavily...

Today my husband and I have celebrated 36 years as a married couple. We ate lunch at Lokal Diner in Susedalen. I got a lovely silver ring and he got flowers to plant in pots in our little garden. He’s really talented at putting together beautiful creations.

söndag 29 april 2012


This is my new cardigan, knitted with grey wool from Gotland.
The design is from New England Knits.

måndag 20 februari 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

LänkI still have too much to do but I want to show you what I've been knitting lately.
- En vest på en weekend (from Hendes Verden, yarn Easy from Sandnes)
- Garter Yoke Cardi (yarn Heaven's Hand)
- Andrea Shawl (yarn from Sannsticks)
- Wooly Hat (pattern from Sticka mera småvarmt)